Earl Shilton and Barwell, Leicester’s UFO Hotspots


Tales of unidentified flying objects have always shaken up conspiracy theorists. And the reports and stories from Leicester are no different. Interestingly most of the sightings in Leicestershire are around Hinckley; More specifically Earl Shilton and Barwell.

Why these areas? What has been seen? And by whom?

UFO Hotspot?

There is sightings all over Leicestershire and these are surprisingly very common, with reports almost daily.  But the sightings stand out in Barwell and Earl Shilton as the reports are very consistent. Descriptions of the UFO’s are similar and are reported by a diverse group of people; These include Doctors, Landlords, Police Officers, Shop Assistants and even Farmers. There is also some very clear videos and photographs.

UFO’s have been reported in this area since September 1706, where a bright white and yellow ball was observed moving downwards towards a male witness at great speed in many different directions.”

What is a UFO?

A UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. The first thing I must mention is that a UFO doesn’t always mean an alien or an alien spacecraft.

Around 90% of UFO sightings can be explained. For example; In the last few years, reports of silent orange orbs have grown significantly. This is down to the widespread use of “Chinese Lanterns” being used at celebrations. 

That leaves 10% that is unexplained. Lights, noises and objects that are reported and that no one can explain.

Earl Shilton and Barwell.

Why are sightings more profound in this area? I honestly can’t say why.

The biggest reason in my opinion is that the two towns that overlap each over are surrounded by countryside with very little light pollution. On a clear night, the sky is very defined and a lot can be seen. Yes, most small villages in Leicestershire have a clear night sky but also have a very small population. Earl Shilton and Barwell have a combined population of approximately 20,000 people, this plus the clear skies would lead to more reports.

The Leicester Chronicle published a recent article on the Barwell Meteorite Shower. The largest ever meteorite to hit the UK. Maybe this has something to do with the unexplained 10% of sightings in the area?

Earl Shilton UFO: Reported by The Hinckley Times on 14th May 2016

A strange glowing object twice the size of a helicopter has been spotted hovering over Earl Shilton. The spooky sighting was made on Tuesday night by a maintenance engineer who lives in the town. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the peculiar flying object floated over houses near to The Cloisters before disappearing into the town at 9pm.

He said: “It made no noise, I couldn’t hear any sound of engines or rotors, only a strange humming noise. I couldn’t quite make out what it was, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It was double the size of a helicopter and around 200ft in the air. There was no way it could be a drone because it was massive and it certainly was not an aircraft I’ve ever seen before. I’m not saying it’s a UFO, but there was no engine noise and it was very strange.”

The 42-year-old managed to get a picture of the eerie object before it whizzed off into the town centre.

The image shows two lung-shaped objects with several blue and white lights.

He added: “It made me feel weird, I don’t want to be ridiculed for saying it’s aliens, but I’m wondering if anybody else in the area spotted it.”

“After I took the picture it just disappeared into the town centre and I didn’t see it again.”

Strange UFO lights seen flying in the early hours: Reported by The Hinckley Times on 1st March 2015

Two orb-like unidentified objects were spotted floating in the sky above Barwell.

A 41-year-old woman from Earl Shilton spotted the two balls of bright white light in the early hours of February 3.

The woman was woken by a strange noise at 4.50am.

She thought it was coming from downstairs so she got out of bed and went to see what it was.

After finding nothing the woman went to make her way back to bed when she suddenly spotted the two lights out of her window.

The alien spheres appeared to be floating over Barwell.

Some reports from the Leicester UFO Investigation Network (LUFOIN) in 2016

5 January 2016 – 05:56 – Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK: Three dome, shaped aerial objects were observed by a male witness. Witness stated: “I was cutting through the church car park with my dogs, when I saw a flash of red light, looking like streaks of light in sky – I thought it was lightning? I then I saw three objects appear and fly about 500 feet in the sky.”

22 February 2016 – 15:00 – Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK: A hovering cylinder, shaped object in the sky was observed by a male witness. Weather at the time: Clear, dry with a north, westerly breeze. Witness stated: “I saw a cylinder – shaped object in the sky – I did not see it flying, it was just hovering.”

28 March 2016 – 21:00 – Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK : A blue aerial disc, shaped object was observed by a lone, male witness during dark and poor viewing conditions. Weather at the time: variable cloud – heavy rain – brisk southerly winds. Witness stated: “I witnessed a strange disc in the air about 40 feet off the ground, at the back of the Heath Lane surgery. It was brilliant blue. It looked to be 30 feet in diameter. It was hovering and beaming down a white light.”

12 April 2016 – 21:32 – Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK:  A green globular aerial object was observed in good, dry viewing conditions. Male witness stated: “I witnessed a large green globe moving in a zigzag pattern above Almeys Lane. The object then did a ninety degree turn and shot up to the night sky.”

1 June 2016 – 22:30 – Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, UK: A blue aerial object was observed and photographed by a male witness. Weather at the time: Cloudy with occasional light drizzle, – cold northerly breeze. Witness stated: “I photographed on my iphone last night , this strange blue craft that passed over my house at about half ten – it was noiseless, and about size of a car.”

Multiple witnesses: 25 May 2016 – 22:00 – Earl Shilton, Barwell Elmesthorpe, Leicester Forest East, Syston Leicestershire, UK: A strange blue glowing object was observed in the sky above the South Leicestershire area by several independent witnesses. Weather at the time: Cloudy with occasional light drizzle, – light northerly breeze.

Male witness (A) stated: “I was heading back from delivering a spa pool at a customers when I turned onto station road when I saw a brilliant blue light passing over Earl Shilton, it was low, about a hundred feet off the ground and about twenty foot wide by about ten foot high, it was moving in a zigzag pattern.”

Male witness (B) stated: “I was walking dogs last night when we saw a very bright blue craft in the sky over Elmsthorpe – it wasn’t a meteor as it was moving controlled. I’m lost as to what it was as it wasn’t an aeroplane and not a chopper or drone. There was only a humming noise I could hear, and a mouldy egg smell as it passed over.”

Male witness (C) stated: “I saw a car sized blue cut diamond UFO flying low over Barwell heading towards the village centre, there was a putrid smell in air as it passed over.”

Male witness (D) stated: “I saw a blue UFO flying over Earl Shilton town centre, it was eerie.”

Male witness (E) stated: “We both saw a glowing blue diamond – shaped thing flying low over rooftops in North Street, Syston – I mean like just 50ft off floor, looked to me to be 15 feet in width. What was it ?”

Female witness (F) stated: “My husband and I both noticed a bright blue, diamond shaped aircraft in the sky hovering above the Rugby ground near Beggars Lane, Leicester Forest East. It was shooting a red beam towards the ground.”

Have you seen anything interesting around these areas? Please get into contact with us. The list of sightings is very small, A full list can be found at the LUFOIN.

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