The Moody Bush Stone, Barkby


No one knows who put the old stone there.

In the corner of a field adjoining “The Ridgemere”, a Bronze Age track between South Croxton and Syston, stands a rock that bears just two words; “Moody Bush”.

The Moody Bush Stone, date unknown.
The Moody Bush Stone, date unknown.

The most plausible explanation is that the stone commemorates the first meeting of the East Goscote Hundreds court held on Moody Bush Hill in 1346.

These courts were held in the open as there was no buildings big enough to accommodate all the members that were entitled to attend. These courts were known then as “Moots” from the old Norse word for meeting.

Hence the name “Mooty Bush”, later corrupted into “Moody Bush”.

The court assemble at least twice a year. All freeholders of the local land were required to be present. Their responsibility included the punishment of malefactors as well as the general good government of the Hundreds.

In many respects they were the forerunners of the parish and borough councils of later years.

The stone stands about 115cm (45 inches) above ground and 145cm (57 inches) around it.

The Moody Bush Stone, 2007.

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