Leicester’s Twinned Cities


Krefeld, Germany

Twinned since: 1969
Miles apart: 340
Populations: 383,300 (Leicester- Estimate 2015) & 234,396 (Krefeld Estimate)

Krefeld holds the record for making the world’s biggest postcard.

One example is Leicester’s relationship with Krefeld, a town about 16 miles (27km) north-west of Dusseldorf. The cities’ two fire services have struck a friendship over football. They have played each other every year since 1973. Perhaps surprisingly, this year the English team won on penalties.

There are also countless examples of cultural links. Theatres, choirs and orchestras across the East Midlands often perform in their towns’ twin.

Located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, the ‘Velvet City’ was heavily bombed during the Second World War having also been home to a large population of Jewish families.

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