The Jaywalking Nun Of Shady lane, Leicester

Shady Lane Ghost Nun, Leicester

The Oxford Dictionary defines a jaywalker as a person who crosses or walks in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic.

Imagine you are driving your car along a very quiet, country road. When all of a sudden a figure appears immediately in front of your car.

Without hesitation, you would press the brake pedal with your foot and expect the worst. This terrifying scenario happened to  a pair of young newlyweds one summer’s evening on a route that they had used for years.

The couple from Earl Shilton visit their relatives at most weekends in Evington Village. They always took a quieter route that took them on the B582. Then they would go down Shady Lane, over the small bridge over the brook and up the hill. Between the bridge and the entrance to the Shady Lane Arboretum is where the unexplained event happened.

The husband was driving along quite diligently. It was early evening. The sun was setting and it was that time of day where visibility was at its lowest, where its light but yet dark, at that point, the road was clear of traffic.

All of a sudden from nowhere there appeared in front of the car a figure. It seemed to be quite solid. And oddly dressed as a nun. Immediately the brakes were applied, and the couple braced themselves for the impact.

Both husband and wife had seen the figure and unbelievably no impact was felt.

The man pulled the car over and they stayed seated with the shock of what just happened. A few moments later the couple, expecting the worst, both got out of the car and began searching, but nothing was found.

The couple then began telling each other what they had seen. There was no doubt about it; both had seen a figure in a cloak wearing the traditional robes of a nun.

After a few moments, the wife recollected that she thought she had seen the figure move on to the grass verge and disappeared through a hedge into a field.

The couple looked at the grass verge and into the hedge. No marks could be seen on the grass or any hole in the hedge but on the road could be seen many skid marks as if a number of vehicles had to brake sharply.

Had other drivers seen the unexpected figure? From those marks it would have appeared so.

I can uncover no reason for a ghost of a nun to be haunting that particular spot outside of Evington, but through its jaywalking it appears to have given many drivers a fright.

If anyone else has had similar experiences at that spot on Shady Lane please let me know.

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  1. Old fashioned nurses uniforms could resemble a nun’s habit. Also most hustorical costumes for women would include a hood or headdress of some sort. It may not have been a nun, just as male hooded figures are not all going to be monks.

  2. In 1988 my son, then in his late teens, and his friend were driving on tha A6 just after the rubbish – tip at Kibworth on their way to Market Harborough. Suddenly an airman in the uniform of of World War II appeared. They thought they had hit him but felt no bump. He seemed to walk through them. They arrived home very frightened and almost in tears.

    We are not a family that looks for that sort of thing – ever.

    There was the Airfield at Market Harborough off of the A6. Both of my parents finished their RAF service there after the war. My mother also served there during the war and she said it wasn’t uncommon for service men and women to walk into Leicester and either hitch a lift back ( there was always RAF or USAF traffic on the road) or walk again.

    There have been a lot of road accidents on that part of the road.

    I would prefer it if my full name was not used please.

  3. Yes round 7yrs ago. I was driving around 1am through shady lane. I seen a lady with her head down under a tree. Very odd. Pitch black. Me and my then gf both seen this person

  4. Me and my friend walked down Garteee road where the turning for shady lane is one night. I witnessed a man completely blacked out walk into a tree and vanish. The odd thing is that my friend also witnessed the same thing but was certain he saw a woman. But we both agreed on it being a ghost as we too Checked the are he/she vanished

  5. Craziest encounter Ive ever expieirienced..a while back I was at a convenient store talking to a friend through his driver side window. I felt a tug on my leg and looked down and saw a child trying to get my attention. And all of a sudden she disappeared.. I don’t use or drink and this was real!

  6. Been a few fatal car crashes on shady lane during the night , makes you wonder why they swerved into trees with no other cars involved .

  7. About 20 years ago me and my 3 mates driving around shady lane in my new corsa… about 9pm dark lane .A woman in a white gown no light walking alone …mate shouted witch ….. turned the car round in about 20 seconds see had gone .. .We drove away .Mo

  8. my father and I had a similar experience a few years ago first of all we didn’t and still don’t believe in ghosts but what we saw this particular night remains unexplainable to us we’d had just been up to the care home where very sadly my grandma had passed away ,it was very foggy on the way home so I was only driving at around 25mph along countesthorpe rd heading towards south wigston as we reached the hospital lane turning I slammed my brakes on as an old lady crossed rite in front of me I looked at my dad and he’d seen the same thing very strange but we put it down to the fog but who knows

  9. My mum was convinced she saw a ghost in that exact spot on shady lane. My grandad lives on Goodwood road & frequently travels via shady lane to get to Oadby & he has seen something several times.

  10. There is in the field below St Denys church a grass circle supposedly due to a witch being bricked up alive there, could it be her ?

      • Did you have any luck? i seem to remember my class researched this via church records at St Denys. The grass circle I can vouch for 100% as me and my friends would sit there. Its on the top field just behind the church and when the grass is cut it is clearly visible as a perfect dark green circle….

  11. me and my husband were returning from work at Kinchbus ,Loughborough about 1.15am one morning along Cotes rd towards Barrow upon soar as we went past a farm driveway the gateway seemed to be a big square of flames we both seen this and decided to go back to see what was happening but nothing was there it was all in darkness,we now call that gateway “Devil Gate Drive” it was really weird.

  12. It’s is. True. I was with my uncle and we went through shady lane on the way back from the king power stadium after dropping my auntie if at they house . We drove down shady lane just to see a black figure walk right across without any regard. We soon realised it was the ghost of shady lane

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