Five Little-Known Facts About Leicestershire.

2) Dimpled golf balls were invented in Leicester.

Take a look at any golf ball today and the one constant you’ll notice immediately is that every ball has dimples.

It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, every golf ball used today still has that same symmetrical dimple design. But this wasn’t always the case. Up until the turn of the last century, the modern golf ball was essentially a smooth one-piece rubber cored ball–very similar in the construction of today’s golf ball–but without the dimples.

Everything changed in 1905, when golf ball manufacturer and engineer William Taylor abandoned the smooth golf ball design and created a new type of golf ball with dimples.

William Taylor had realized that golf players were trying to make irregularities on their balls, noticing that used balls were going further than new ones. Hence he decided to make systematic tests to determine what surface formation would give the best flight. He then developed a pattern consisting of regularly spaced indentations over the entire surface, and later tools to help producing such balls in series

William Taylor was born in Hackney on 11th June 1865 but moved to Leicester in 1885. More information about William Taylor can be found at The Narborough & Littlethorpe Heritage Society.  

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